Fashion Logo Designs And Branding – Facts And Observations

The clothing we choose to wear is heavily influenced by fashion logo designs and brands. Fashion brands have a lot of customer loyalty and while there are other factors for their popularity, their brand value tops the list. While the fabric, the quality of the clothes, the cut, the style and current trends are all very important aspects that influence buying decisions, the brand name is the one that trumps all of them. Imagine fashion brands that have become so iconic that they represent a social status such as Guess, Gucci, Armani or Valentino. People buy clothing because of the fashion label alone at times as being that brand means great stylish superior clothes. That’s how beneficial strong branding can be for fashion labels which means that fashion and clothing brands have a lot to gain from captivating fashion logo design.

Building a fashion brand or a clothing store isn’t all that easy. Especially when there is so much competition in this crowded marketplace. Fashion brands invest in heavy marketing campaigns to spread the word from celebrity endorsements to fashion shows but at the epicenter of all your marketing efforts is your brand identity and the face of your brand identity is your fashion logo design so focusing on your logo, how it should look like, its color scheme, shape, graphics etc. are all very important as it is the face of your brand.

When it comes to famous fashion logos, there are certain observations we have made. Like the usage of certain shapes that are seen in the logos of many clothing brands. Triangle is often used because of its stronger angles and sharper edges that give off a sense of strength. Circles are also one of the most commonly used shapes as they represent inclusivity, acceptance and friendliness, the kind of feelings and emotions no brand can ever go wrong with. A swoosh or an arrow represents forward movement and evolution which shows a positive image meaning that your brand is evolving with time.

The graphics that are used in these fashion logos are also very important. If you take the iconic guess logo, it’s a question mark which is basically encouraging you to guess, the graphic is related to the name itself. On the other hand, if you look at LaCoste, the image is connected to brand’s history not really the clothes themselves. Logos that have no definitive meaning like abstract logos have also done very well in fashion industry. Another type that is very popular among fashion logos are logotypes. As long as your logo speaks to your target audience and makes you stand out among others, you are good. The kind of logo that is right for your fashion brand or clothing store depends on you, your personality, the feel you are trying to convey and your ideal target audience. Many people have tried many different things that have been successful for them so what’s important is that your brand personality shines in your fashion logo.

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