An Austin-Based Investment Guru Helps Clients Generate Safe, Passive Income

Many wealthy people work tirelessly to remain that way, even if that is not the image that often first comes to mind for the average person. What most people think of when they dream about real wealth is being able to do whatever a person might want without concern for the financial needs that weigh so many down.

As a result, many more people than in the past have become interested in ways of passively generating income. Whether as a supplement to a regular salary that takes no time or effort to keep up or as a means of becoming wealthy over time, this possibility has taken hold of the imaginations and aspirations of a great many people.

Unfortunately, figuring out how to get started can be difficult. As those who learn today about the matter will see, however, there are experts who are ready to provide direction and help.

From Computer Scientist to Investment Guru

Armed with a degree in Computer Science from his German university, Markus Heitkoetter rose quickly through the ranks of that country’s IBM branch to become a Principal in the operation. Along the way, he augmented his natural analytical skills with a steadily growing body of knowledge about how the world’s most important financial systems work.

That allowed him to become a successful investor in his spare time, while still holding down an important, high-pressure position at IBM. Eventually, he decided that the moment was right to break out on his own, a decision that led to his founding of Rockwell Trading.

A Reliable Source of Information and Helpful Investment Advice

In the relatively few short years since it opened its doors, that company has become highly regarded throughout the global community of individual investors. Offering a wide range of courses and consulting services online and through its headquarters in Austin, Texas, it has helped many understand how to make more money without putting in more work.

While it can still take plenty of effort to get set up and equipped to allow this to happen, those who prepare the ground properly can sometimes count on many years of recurring income, as a result. With so many today dreaming of such outcomes, looking into opportunities like this one can easily pay off.